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The Dashboard is the nerve centre of the UNIQUEDOC platform. At a glance you can easily grasp who is available in your network and keep tabs on all recent activity. You can search UNIQUEDOC in the following categories: People, Businesses, Groups, Discussions, current and expired Events, via the search field at the top of each page. What you type in as a search term must be at least 3 characters long. The search query looks for matches starting at the beginning of names in the categories above. 

Working from the Dashboard you are able to view files and discussions added to your Groups, see new connection requests via Notifications [1], keep an eye on your Email inbox [2], and start a secure Chat [5].

It’s also easy to open your latest Chats via the Mini Chat Bar [3], and with one look you can see what events you have on your Calendar [4]. The Dashboard has links to all the communication and collaboration tools on the UNIQUEDOC platform: Chat [5], Email [6], and Secure Storage [7]. 

Audio/Video calls are started via the Communications Wheel on your Connections’ Profiles. Your Favourite Connections are displayed by default on your Dashboard.

The UNIQUEDOC Dashboard: one glance keeps you up-to-date with your network’s activity.

The Communications Wheel

Clicking Connections’ avatars on the Dashboard (and on Connections’ Profile pages) opens their Communications Wheel: a handy short cut for connecting with them via a voice call; for sending them a message; opening a chat window; or making a video call. Here we are clicking on Tom’s avatar, opening the wheel, and selecting the message icon which opens a new Message window.

View a file from a Dashboard Notification

View a file shared with you by a Connection without downloading it to your device via your Dashboard Notifications. Clicking on the file name opens the preview, which can be closed by clicking outside of the image. 

Clicking on an avatar or the name within the Notification will take you to the Profile of the Connection in question.

PIN Lockout

Leaving your device unattended but don’t want to completely logout? Clicking the PIN Lockout button will lock your session within the UNIQUEDOC platform. Enter your 6 digit PIN code to carry on where you left off.

News feed

Similar to a personal blog or bulletin board, the the News feed is your place to post news, pictures, research findings and files you’d like to share with your network. You can post links to videos and watch them in the Activity feed, adding comments to these or any other posts.

Delivered as a river of news, the Activity feed is continually updating with new posts from your Connections and with all the activity from Groups or Events you have created and/or joined. 

Watching a video on Vimeo in the UNIQUEDOC News feed.

Attach files to your News Feed posts

Attach files to your Activity feed from either your Secure Storage, your device, or capture videos or photos. Files uploaded from your device are saved to your Secure Storage.


Grow your international network to further your research, or connect with your colleagues to collaborate more effectively – it’s up to you. UNIQUEDOC lets you connect with like minded individuals and teams by location, skills or shared interests; in a global, yet private and secure manner.

UNIQUEDOC Connections (list view). Favourite Connections that appear on your Dashboard are indicated by a gold star.

Search for people you know via the search bar at the top of every page, or via the Suggested Connections displayed when clicking the Add connections button. Creating and harnessing the power of a network to improve patient care and spread new ideas and techniques was never this easy.


UNIQUEDOC email enables collaboration in a secure, managed and trusted environment safe in the knowledge that information is not stored locally on users’ devices. Connections can engage in detailed discussions by easily attaching and sharing files without security concerns. 

The inbox with message action bar displayed, where you can delete, move and flag messages.


A key element of the UNIQUEDOC platform is the ability to create Public and Private Groups, enabling members to collaborate with like-minded individuals. Public Groups are indexed and searchable within the platform, whilst Private Groups are not displayed in search results and may only be joined and accessed when a user has been invited to join the group. Private Groups and Groups to which users have admin rights are indicated as such.

A member of a Public Group can invite any of their own Connections to join that Group. The number of Groups you can create and join is dependent on your UNIQUEDOC plan.

Each Group has its own Activity feed, Announcements and Discussion functionality, allowing detailed feedback on issues of interest, and more general points to integrate seamlessly within your Groups activities. Owners and administrators can also create Group Events.

A UNIQUEDOC Group with the News feed open. 
A UNIQUEDOC Group with an open Discussion window.

Managing Group members

If you are the creator of a Group, you will see a gear icon from where you can edit and manage your Group. You can invite more members and remove or block users should the need arise.

Group owners can promote other members to be administrators. In this Group, Rob is an admin and Jackye is the owner. Group owners can also transfer ownership to other members should they choose to leave the Group.


UNIQUEDOC allows you to manage your calendar for all your personal and group activity. It gives you the opportunity to organise activities such as international conferences, group chat or video calls, local events for networking and sharing specialist knowledge, incorporating these into group discussions.

Just like Groups, Events in your calendar can be Public or Private. Private events that have been scheduled and marked as Private are by invite only and, in the same way as Private Groups, will not show up in any search queries. Each Event also has an Activity feed allowing attendees to attach files from their Secure Storage and capture images from their local devices and add these to the event page.

iCal (.ics) files

You can import UNIQUEDOC Events into a calendar of your choice by downloading the iCal (.ics) file for that Event. Alternatively, send the iCal (.ics) file to the email address associated with your UNIQUEDOC account. Read more about iCal (.ics).

Secure Storage and Secure Vault

For individuals and organisations who need compliance, control and collaboration, UNIQUEDOC provides peace of mind when it comes to data protection. Private information is securely stored, transferred and shared in your Secure Storage using both industry approved and UNIQUEDOC’s own state-of-the-art encryption.

The Secure Vault within Secure Storage takes security to the next level by requiring an extra password. If you lose your password to your Secure Vault, there’s no way to recover it. Setting a new password will wipe any existing files, so make it memorable!

Upload files to Secure Storage

To upload files to your Secure Storage, click the Upload button. You can:

  • Select files from your device (2GB maximum size)
  • Drag & Drop files on the pop-up and they will automagically upload
  • Capture an image (or record Video) from your device, to be saved directly into your Secure Storage.

Viewing files in Secure Storage

The root (or home) of your Secure Storage is highlighted as All files in the main left hand menu. Double clicking on a folder row (or single clicking the folder name or icon) opens the folder. The breadcrumb trail shows where you are in the folder hierarchy. 

Single clicking on a file opens the Preview. Click out of the preview pop-up to close it. 

Single clicking on a folder row opens the Footer Task Bar. Actions that you can perform are: delete, move, view files, and download.

Clicking the information icon on the right hand side opens the Details pane. You can rename a folder/file by clicking the name. Click out to save. You can see who you have shared the file with, its size, and when it was created.


UNIQUEDOC chat is fast, versatile and secure. You are able to attach images, video, document or audio files to individual and group Chats directly from your hard drive as well as images captured on the fly via your device’s camera and documents from your Secure Storage. You can also:

Video or voice calls are started from inside the Chat interface. To make sure sensitive messages are not accessed or seen by people they are not intended for, use the historyless text option.

Mini Chat Bar

After starting your first Chat, the Mini Chat Bar will subsequently appear allowing quick access to the Chat window.

Full screen and minimise buttons at the top of the Chat window provide control of the interface. Close the Mini Bar using the ⌧ button; reopen from the Chat icon in the main menu bar.

Historyless Chat Messages

Clicking the historyless chat icon at the bottom of the chat window changes the text input field to black. 

A historyless message will automagically delete after 3 hours. Regular messages can be edited and deleted manually by clicking on individual message bubbles.


Your Profile page allows you to add the following details: your specialisation, your current position, which organisation you currently work for, and where you’re based. The more information you add, the harder our Suggested Connections algorithm will work to find you interesting potential Connections. You can also share a short biography, and your academic and professional experience. 

Profile status

Set your profile status by selecting one of the following options from the dropdown menu next to your avatar in the top menu bar: Online (green); Away (orange); Do not disturb (red); Invisible (grey). This is reflected across the UNIQUEDOC platform, allowing your Connections to see your availability at a glance. 

From this menu you can also get to your Profile page, where you can edit your account Settings. There’s also a quick link to logout from UNIQUEDOC.

Account Settings

Your UNIQUEDOC account settings are accessed via the drop down menu next to your name in the top tool bar (see above).

Notification Email Digest

A reminder of unseen notifications is sent to your registered email address. The frequency is set in your Account Settings > Notifications. At least one time must be selected for work days.

iOS/Android App Supported Devices

These devices currently support the free UNIQUEDOC App from the Apple App Store and the Android version on Google’s Play Store


  • iPhone 5/iOS 8 and higher

  • iPad 3/iOS 8 and higher

  • Android 4.4 and higher (with ARM architecture processor)

Limitations (as of March 2017)

  • iOS App Audio/video-call unavailable

  • Android App Video call with 2+ users causes device to overheat

WebApp Supported Browsers

The latest versions of these browsers currently support the UNIQUEDOC WebApp


  • Chrome

  • Safari OS X, iOS 8+

  • Internet Explorer 11

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Opera

Limitations (as of March 2017)

  • Safari (iOS/OS X) Audio/video-call and capturing images unavailable

  • Internet Explorer 11 Audio/video-call unavailable

  • Edge Audio/video-call unavailable

  • Android 4.4 Default browser not supported