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Secure collaboration and
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UNIQUEDOC is an enterprise and mobile optimised communication platform, providing a single controlled environment for communication and the secure sharing of documents and multimedia files between users.

Enabling inter-company and inter-agency collaboration without a need to integrate complex systems, UNIQUEDOC breaks down geographical boundaries by allowing users to engage securely one-on-one, or create groups for wider collaboration.

UNIQUEDOC is a business, events management application or a means to streamline processes, focusing on internal efficiencies across all hierarchies and business functions and deriving cost and time savings.


Multiple communication channels
Easy file sharing from double-encrypted secure cloud storage
Confidential text chat and messaging with history-less option
Collaboration through local and international groups

Available as a WebApp for all mobile platforms. Dedicated iPhone/iPad and apps for Android devices available from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Apple App StoreApple App Store


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